Siamo al tetto!


Vi facciamo gli auguri pubblicando la lettera inviata dal Dott. Akis, insieme alle foto che mostrano l’avanzamento dei lavori.

Many Happy Returns Franco. I wish you all the best of the season as we celebrate Christmas and New Year.
I spoke with Reginald the other day and will meet him early in January.
We are busy at the site. The contractor and his carpenters are busy with the roofing of the building. They decided to work during the Christmas.
After discussion with the contractor and architect, we agreed that I should make a separate tender for the roofing sheets. This will beat down cost by 25%. There are roofing sheet manufacturing companies who will produce the roof at factory price. So I contacted three manufacturers. One of these is from Tamale and has the best price because of proximity. The other two are from Accra but they are charging a lot more for transportation. The contractors will usually buy from them and add the tax + profit. In all cases there is a 30 year warranty on the materials and workmanship.
Even though the roofing companies have cheaper prices, they require an advanced payment of 70% before they commence and full payment after completion
We are using hard red wood ‘Mahogany’ for the frame of the roof. It was treated against termites and other pests and then dried before use.
I’ll attach a few photos which I took yesterday.  I’ll go back to the site later and will furnish you with new photos.
Best regards to all and sundry!